Revival of Mystra and other Plots.

Exploration of Vasselheim

With Family We Reunite

Work in progress, DM please check for accuracy.
The session begins with Pick asking her cousin Pike for more information on the case of the missing children.  Pike hands the brooms over to acolytes and they make their way into a room that is decorated with maps and information, something along the lines of a war room.  All the information in there was what they had on the cases.  Then, remembering that Iliana threatened Farryn with sending his sister to the Dread Emperor, Pick asked if they had any information on him, and they did.  It wasn’t much but there was some compilations.  Then, that sparked another thought.  The Oath Breaker was working for Iliana and so he might know something about the Dread Emperor.  Pike said that she would ask for more information when Lilly interrogated him, but Pick offered to go and she would get information her way.  When Pike asked what way that was, Pick told her that she would torture him until he gave the answers.  Pike told her that wasn’t the best way to get answers and that could often lead to false information, but Pick tried to run but she was caught by the back of her shirt by Pike.
Pick yelled at Pike saying that she didn’t understand torture or what she had been through so it was justified to give it to the Oath Breaker, to which Pike showed carvings on the wall of Pike being impaled by a demon.  Pick couldn’t say anything and told her cousin she wouldn’t run.  Pick then asked her cousin, “what if the only way to get information was to torture the man?” and her cousin told her she would wait to find a better alternative.
Feeling a little tired and exhausted from the events of that day and the conversation with Pike she gathered Barkus and went to lay with Farryn.

Naserath wanted to go to the Platinum Sanctuary to see his father and when he reached the gate a Dragon Born guard stopped him and asked him what his business was and Naserath told him that he was there to look for his father.  The guard asked who it was and he replied it was Norixious, and then, looking skeptical, the Dragon Born asked him his name and Naserath gave it.
Having to wait for a bit, Naserath continued reading one of his books that he had brought and he messaged Rizola that he would be there tomorrow.  Then someone grabbed Naserath and took him to Norixious, who was sitting at a table eating a lot of food.  When Naserath sat down Norixious offered him some food which Naserath took.  Naserath said he wasn’t sure why he was here.
After a little more conversation, Norixious had to go onto guard duty so he bid his son goodbye and Naserath went back down to Vasselheim.  On the way back to the temple Naserath had a chill run down his spine and when he turned to see what it was, it was a temple a temple dedicated to The Raven Queen.  That particular Goddess was the Goddess of death and served as a guide to the next plane.  Naserath wasn’t sure how he felt about her and her him, so it would be best to avoid it all together.
Back at the temple of Sarenrae, Naserath asked Pike if she knew a cure for the Spell Plague, and showed her his chest, thus the proof that he had it.  Pike told him to follow her and after putting his shirt back on, Naserath followed behind.  Going into another temple, Naserath found himself at a temple dedicated to the God Ilmater.  Naserath now was starting to count the time, he had promised Rizola that he would be at her bar so they could spend time together. 
The high priest of Ilmater came to examine Naserath, and after a request to hurry up and soon saying he had to go, the high priest put a sleep spell on him and continued his examination.  When he woke up, the first thing that came to Naserath’s mind was how long he had been out.  A nurse came told him how long, which was a couple hours, and that he had to continue to get treatments every five days, and she explained that it could be at any of their offices. 
In a hurry to find Pick and leave, Naserath nodded and ran out of the temple, and just so happened to bump into Pick, who was looking for him after waking up.  Pick told Naserath, who was in a hurry to get back, that her cousin had told her that she knew people that could transfer them back to Waterdeep.  The two ran to the temple of Sarenrae and looked around but didn’t see anyone and so Pick shouted Pike’s name.  Instead of Pike coming out an older Gnome who had armor half on was coming out with a sword and once Pick recognized who it was she started to run away but the woman casted a spell which made Pick unable to leave a certain vicinity around the woman.  Naserath could identify the woman as Pick’s mother and went over to Pick and picked her up, and walked her to her mother with Pick scrambling in his arms.
After everyone calmed down for the most part, Pick told her mother that it was her, because her mother didn’t recognize her at this point.  Naserath pushed Pick a little closer to her mother, and her mother caught her but was still anxious and asked him not to do that again.  Pick awkwardly hugged her mother and Naserath told her that he really had to go somewhere so if she could send him back that would be very helpful.  Gazala called an acolyte and the acolyte started to show him to his destination.
So it was Pick and her mother talking.  Gazala commented that she Pick had not bothered to message her at all in the four years that she had gone and it was noticeable that she was hurt by it.  Pick tried to explain that it wasn’t her fault and if she could have, she would have been in contact with them.  At one point in the conversation, Pick knew that if she didn’t tell her mother that she was tortured that Pike would and that was something that she would want to tell her, so instead of being able to say it she pulled up her sleeve, let her mother see her scars, and the pulled it right back down.  Pick mentioned that she would have tried to go get information but Pike didn’t like the way that she would do it and her mother asked how and Pick went quiet.  With another intimidating how, Pick told her mother that she would have hurt the Halfling to get the information.
Without a second to spare, Gazala slapped her child, hard, leaving Pick shocked, scared, and upset.  Her mother told her that was not the way to get information and Pick could not speak.  After a few moments of silence Pick told her mother that she had to go with Naserath and that she was going to go, but Gazala told her that she would need to move fast in order to get to him so she summoned her Celestial Griffin, picked up Barkus, and Pick hopped on, not saying a word.
Naserath had just reached the hut of a Druid when he saw a Griffin fly down beside him with Pick and her mother.  Pick was being really quiet.  The Druid prepared the Transport Via Plants and Pick didn’t say anything else to her mother and went through and Naserath waved goodbye. 
Walking back to The Dragon’s Fang, Naserath told Zaraldon that he’d see him later and went to the anti-chamber that would take him to The Dragon’s Wing.  Pick moped on in, pulled herself onto a barstool, put a hand over her cheek and just sat there.  When Zaraldon asked her what was wrong she said nothing, in reply he told her she could talk about it when she was ready.

Naserath went straight to the bar and when he arrived he saw a sad looking Rizola and he walked over to her.  He apologized about being late and told her what had happened.




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