Revival of Mystra and other Plots.

Return to Mystrath

The Gaze's Effects


Work in progress, DM please check for accuracy.


Naserath and Rizola hang out for a while in the Dragon’s Wing, and sooner or later Pick and Barkus stumble in.  Wanting her to see what he had done in Mystrath as well as letting her get away from the bar for a little while, Naserath offers for Rizola to come to the North with him and Pick.  She agrees and Naserath casts teleportation and they appear in the head priest quarters back at Mystrath.  When they are there Naserath shows Rizola around.


As they are exploring they find a smaller version of the golem downstairs.  Apparently he had been working on a teleportation circle for public access to the temple, however, a teleportation circle has to be worked on every day for a year to be activated.  In the process of the conversation the miniature golem freezes and he and Rizola are dead-locked.  After a few minutes they both pass out.  Naserath starts to worry and picks Rizola up and takes her to his quarters.




Pick goes down to the main golem to see what happened, and he told her that Rizola saw the entire life of Mystra and was unable to handle it so she was in a coma, one which could lead to death.  The golem, after introducing himself as Kythorne, told Pick to go into a specific room and grab some alchemical components.  She did a small ritual and Wikur appeared and Pick explained the situation, then, with the other components, the two went to the high priest quarters and starts mixing the agents to help wake Rizola.



Naserath watches Wikur, and notices something on the Fey Plate that he is wearing.  When Naserath looks at it, he, like Rizola previously, is entranced but to the life of the fey Atticus.  Pick worries about the two and wants to help as well, but she doesn’t know what to do.  Then she decides to talk to Atticus.



Pick gets on Barkus and rides out to the woods, thirty minutes away.  When she gets off Barkus she calls Atticus’ name and soon after a wolf with the fey’s eyes appears.  Pick inquires about a solution to both of the problems and Atticus tells her that Wikur will do his best with Rizola and Naserath should be out for a couple of days but be fine.  At the end of their conversation, Atticus asks Pick what she has planned for her birthday, which was only a few days away.  Pick wasn’t sure but she was excited, it was her first birthday in four years that she hadn’t been in a cage. 


Before they depart Atticus asks Pick if she has some food because the wolf will probably be hungry when he leaves the host.  Of course Pick has food, she always has food.  After feeding the wolf and watching it scamper off, Pick and Barkus head back to the temple.



Two days later Naserath recovers from the enchantment and wakes up right next to Rizola who is still in hers.  Wikur is still working on her and progress is slow.  This was not what Naserath wanted when he invited her here. 



Pick had been continuing where the miniature golem left off with the teleportation circle so all of his efforts wouldn’t go to waste.  And as she did she picked up the skills of a Ritual Caster.



After a few days of anxiety Rizola wakes up and a sense of relief is washed through the group.  Wikur, who hadn’t slept in a couple of days, dragged himself to the guest quarters and fell into a deep slumber.


Pick was unexpectedly happy the next day and Naserath asked why.  Pick told him that her birthday was in a couple of days.  Unbeknownst to her, Naserath started to plan a surprise party, inviting all their friends who they had previously met.



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