Revival of Mystra and other Plots.

The Capture of the Oath-Breaker

Smiles and Tyrs


Work in progress, DM please check for accuracy.

The session starts off with Pick running into the library to find Naserath.  When she went in she could not find him and then a bookworm started to talk to her and she asked if it had seen Naserath and it said that he was somewhere in the N section.  When they got to the section Barkus smelt water and the two of the were confused because they were in a library.  So Pick started to stealth as Barkus led the way.  When the water was in sight Pick also spotted Naserath but he was asleep, so she continued to stealth.  Barkus went straight to the water and a water Nymph came up from it.  At first Pick was hesitant, but she didn’t want Barkus to get hurt, but then she was really nice to Barkus.  Pick then walked out of the shadows and introduced the dog and herself.  The Nymph went by the name of Nyla.  Pick told her about her brother who she was due to see in three days, which Nyla replied that she would be interested in meeting him.  They got onto the subject of interesting books and Pick mentioned the Book of True Balance that was chained to the shelf and Nyla said she would like to read that.  For watching Naserath, Pick was going to get her the book.  She went over to the bookshelf she had been at and went to pick it up and had a weird feeling, took the book to Nyla, and went to ask Zaraldon if it was okay if her brother could meet Nyla.

Wackin, the travelling bard, had been going to various towns to try and see if he could gather more information on the magical drums he is supposed to get ahold of.  He didn’t find anything but had played at different locations and earned quite the pretty penny.  Leaving one town a five year old child ran up to him and started to talk to him.  The conversation was the child telling the Orc that he should talk to an expert if he is looking for help and the child suggested Zaraldon.  Then the Orc teleported to the Dragon’s Wing.  He went up to Rizola and told her that she was looking for Zaraldon and he ended up looking Rizola in the eyes and was bewitched by her gaze.  He was taken back to the memory of him playing in the concert in Holloray, when he came to he was using the table as drums and there was money present.  There was a comment that he was new to the bar.  Rizola, after making him eat, directed him to the anti-chamber and told him to go to the fang.


Wackin did as he was told and when he made it to the that particular bar he went up to the barkeeper and Zaraldon asked him if he wanted anything to drink.  The Orc did, he said he wanted something fruity, and at that time Pick came running up saying she wanted some too.  Zaraldon commented on how she handled her alcohol previously but she said she would be fine.  As Zaraldon made them their drink, Pick asked if her brother could go in his library because Nyla wanted to meet him.  Zaraldon told her he could if she was willing to pay for anything that he destroyed and Pick had to contemplate if she had enough money.  Zaraldon finished their drink, Pick got a small glass, and the Orc a large.  Pick gulped hers down quickly and started to feel the effect soon thereafter, the Orc drank his with no problem and asked if he could play the drums on the stage and Zaraldon let him.  Pick injuried herself jumping down onto Barkus.


When Pick saw how much money the Orc had accumulated from playing the drums she decided to try and steal some.  Sitting on the floor close to the stage she watched the money, and, in her drunken stupor, tried to take the money.  The Orc noticed and so did Zaraldon.  Wards went up and Zaraldon, Wackin, Pick, and Barkus were the only ones in the room.  Apparently Zaraldon had grabbed a paddle and started to reprimand her with it.  Then Pick was placed on a bench after being explained to that you shouldn’t steal from someone who could be a friend and that she was acting up in his bar.


Arms crossed and pouting Pick tried to get off the bench but was placed back there and was told to think about her actions.  Then the wards went down.  The Orc asked him about the magical drums and Zaraldon said that he had something in his library about it and showed the Orc the way.  On his way there he murmured to the Orc that if she didn’t stop he would get her father to come and take care of it.


Pick ran to Barkus, the old Kobold watching.  The dog explained that when she was being reprimanded that there was a spell to hold him there so he wouldn’t attack anyone trying to save her.  He also told her that it hurt him and that made Pick feel horrible.  Barkus suggested leaving all of this chaos but Pick told him that she at least had to wait for her brother who would be there soon

Zaraldon had lead Wackin to a bookshelf and pulled down a book and looked through it, giving him basic information about the drums he was looking for.  Zaraldon told him that there was a Maester carpenter who lived in Timberbreech who could make him magical drumsticks that would be able to add to the power of the drums, and those drumsticks were made out of special wood.  The Orc said that he would go and do that right now.


Zaraldon and Wackin returned to the main room with Pick’s face buried into Barkus’ neck.  Zaraldon tried to talk to her about Timberbreach and at first she said nothing back to him and then he told her that it could involve the Oath-Breaker who her party was trying to capture before.  It took that to convince her to go with the Orc but all she did was glare at the men and didn’t say a thing at all to the Orc, even when he was talking to her.  Zaraldon knew someone who could get the two to Timberbreech quickly and his name was Sir Kainen.  Zaraldon locked up shop quickly and took them outside of Water Deep to the forest and the party was greeted with a squirrel who turned into a person.


Using the spell Transport Via Plants, the Druid opened a tree and told them to move quickly through so the three did as they were told.  When they got to the other side they were met with Bran.

Bran had found information out about the Halfling Oath-Breaker who he tracked to Timberbreech.  Apparently he was staying at the thieves’ guild whose tunnels were too complex and he had the chance to be ambushed in them so would wait for the party members.  He went out to the woods and casted the spell Animal Messenger to make an animal send a message to Rizola for the party.

When Bran saw the party he thought his spell was used in vain.  And a few seconds later a giant, wooden hand appeared and dragged him into the tree.  The Druid, Sir Kainen, was introducing the awakened tree to Bran for when Bran was able to use Transport Via Plants.  Then the party split up, Wackin went to the carpenter’s house and Pick, Barkus, and Bran went to Timberbreech.

Wackin had made it to the carpenter’s house no problem but the carpenter was not home.  He waited out there for a while and when the carpenter still wasn’t there he headed towards Timberbreech.

When the three made it to Timberbreech the guards stopped the party.  Bran was a dire wolf and so they assumed that the party was a child and two beasts.  They wanted to know where her parents were and Pick tried to smooth talk her way out but failed.  Bran transformed back into a human and told them that they had business there.  After a discussion about not causing trouble the mayor, who was an Orc, was called and he said that he would take them and talk to them.  At his office, he asked what their business was and they told him that they were after an Oath-Breaker who had aligned himself with a Cleric of Wee-Jus who was corrupting temples and who tortured children.  The mayor rang a bell and said to get a lawyer of Tyr to come see him.  He introduced himself as Lurbuk, and got food for the trio while they waited on the lawyer.

Stopped at the gate, Wackin told the guards he was looking for the carpenter and he was told to talk to Lilly.  As he got into the city he saw a person by the description given to him rushing and so he followed her.  The two talked briefly and she said she had business with the mayor but he was welcome to come with her and they could talk when she was done.

When the priestess/lawyer of Tyr came to the office the four had finished eating and looked at her.  She got out a law book and told them some things about the law and cast Circle of Truth.  The priestess said that someone had claimed a child abuse case and wanted to know whom and Pick stepped forward.  Lilly asked if she had any proof and after some contemplation Pick pulled her sleeve down.  Pick noticed worry on Lilly’s face and slight anger on Lurbuk’s.  She pulled her sleeve back up and they said that they would need a priest of Ilmater to identify the scars for their case.  It was also mentioned that Meanolly aided in getting to the Cleric and so the priestess contacted Meanolly and got a note from her stating the information she had given them.  The priest of Ilmater came in and wanted to see her scars.  Pick, hating them and not liking to show it off, tried to leave and told them that they could handle the issue by themselves.  Tears formed in her eyes and reluctantly she let the priest pull up her sleeves.  


The priest identified the scars as results of extracting the drug Agony from her, which was done through a form of torture that was usually practiced on children.  That was added to the case, as well as Pick’s testimony.  Father Yavan, the priest, said that when she was ready that he could heal the scars.  


Then it hit her, Pick wanted to know who had access to the case files.  The priestess told her anyone that looked at them and Pick started to panic, she didn’t want her parents to know that she had been tortured.  Pick asked if she could seal them and the priestess said she could in certain cases and what her reason was.  Pick told her the reason and she asked who her parents were and once more was reluctant to give a name but she gave her father’s and she was told that they would have to contact him.  She told them that she would want to tell them herself and the priestess said she would be as vague as possible.


Her father appeared, through magical means, as a semi-solid projection  and told Pick to give him a hug.  She didn’t look him in the face but did as she was told.  He asked her if she had done anything to get into trouble and she said she didn’t.  Pick felt like it would be better to tell the whole story so he would understand.  Bran went to speak and Loago got a tone and told him not to speak, a tone that Pick had never heard before, and saw a shocked look on his face, Bran knew who her father was.  She would ask him about that later.


Pick started the story and told her father that she had tried to steal from the Zukar and wards went up to protect her.  Her father suggested that she tell him the story at a later time and asked for a private conversation with his daughter.  The priestess allowed it and they went into a nearby room.


Pick told her father that she was able to arrange a meeting with Uriser and he would be close in three days so her father asked her if she’d be home soon and she shook her head no, she still had to steal from the Zukar but she thought her brother could help her.  Then her father asked her a few questions, one that he asked why she was holding herself differently and she explained that Zaraldon whooped her with a wooden thing, which he explained to be a paddle, and he asked why.  She told him that she tried to steal some money and he asked why she got caught and she told him she was drunk.  He told her to be careful with her alcohol if she knew the way she would act when she drank it.


The conversation was concluded and the two returned to the room and her father told her on behalf of the security of Kundarim that the files should be sealed and the priestess accepted that reason.  Her father also signed a form saying that,except for certain exceptions he noted in the form, Pick could handle herself without a parent in court cases,or other matters from thereon out.  Then he told them he had business to attend to.  Pick noticed that he was nervous, again, something she hadn’t seen before.  He walked over to the Orc and patted his leg, something only she noticed, and then bid them adieu.

The priestess at the beginning of the trial issued a warrant for the Halfling and he didn’t answer it so she asked the mayor if he knew anyone who could go a retrieve him and the mayor looked at the group and nodded.  Then Lilly left and Lurbuk explained the case and was about to hand a warrant over to someone but wanted to know who the leader was.  Pick and Bran said it at the same time and started to bicker over who was the leader, they used their real names and ranks to try and compete with each other and it got to the point that Lurbuk grabbed the two and clanked their heads together and after they recovered, the two were able to come to an agreement.


The group was going to head down to the thief tunnels and then Pick had a better idea to go to the shadiest bar and see if there was a representative of the thieves’ guild.  She gave a note to the bartender with her family crest on it and he brought it to a guild member, after a few minutes they said that a Mr. Smith was ready to talk to them and the two other acted like her bodyguards and they went to the table she was directed to.  She explained that she was looking for the Halfling that they had and he told her she had the wrong guy, they thought she was trying to hire a wet boy.


Mr. Smith told her that if she went to the bar she would talk to the proper person and that she should buy a drink.  When Pick reached the bar she pulled herself up the barstool and asked to buy a bottle of wine, which was Mythril Mist, a very expensive brand.  A few minutes later they were told to go to a room and that someone would be with them.


When they got there Pick sat down and tea started to brew in a magical teapot.  An androgynous individual came in and sat across from Pick.  She explained that he was holding someone who the Trickfoots were after as well as the local government and the individual said,the person they were seeking had not mentioned Trickfoot involvement, so  the tunnels would be cleared for an hour and if someone was to take someone, well, they wouldn’t know.  But he warned her that she should only stick to that business and she agreed.


The trip down the tunnels went smoothly because locks were deactivated and paths opened, as they almost reached their destination they heard a man in a room with a peephole who turned out to be the carpenter but Pick said her family honor was on the line and that they shouldn’t do anything to compromise that, she said that they could get him later.  Continuing to the Halfling, Bran poured oil on the hinges so it wouldn’t creak and they saw the man they were after half asleep.


Pick took out the sap that she had gotten the day before and hit the Halfling and he was knocked out.  They tied him up and to Bran’s wolf form and they made their way out.  They took him to the mayor and Bran asked for the reward for it and the mayor told him to ask the guards at the jail.  


When Bran was at the jail he commented to a prisoner that he was beautiful, sacastically of course, and the man told him he would kill him later when he got out.

Pick went to ask how they could get the carpenter out of the cell and the thieves guild said that one of their boys had gotten caught and that they wanted his freedom in return.  Pick told them that she would see what she could do and went to the mayor who said that instead of death he could exile him and she checked with the thieves guild and that was fine by them.

The man that they were going to release was the one that threatened Bran and so Bran hired a wet boy to kill him.






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