Revival of Mystra and other Plots.

The Hidden Room

A History of Pain and Suffering

Work in progress, DM please check for accuracy.
The session begins with Naserath waking up in Nyla’s glade.  Nyla tells him that Pick had been by to see him and wanted to give her The Book of True Balance but she ended up giving her a book on philosophies instead.  Naserath promised to get the correct book for her and Nyla said that he could bring it to her next time he was in the library because it looked like he had things to do.  After waving goodbye to Nyla, Naserath headed out to the bar and asked Zaraldon for food.  Naserath asks about a book and Zaraldon mentions on a side note that he had to talk to Pick about the book she took. 
As Naserath is eating, Zaraldon suggests that he should go see the progress of Mystrath since he had not been there in a while.  Naserath agrees to what he says and when he finishes eating he casts Word of Recall and is teleported to Mystrath.  When he first arrives he goes to the golem in the lower levels of the temple and talks to him about the new followers.  When they are done talking, Naserath went and talked to Damien about how to come out as a high priest because Damien has had experience with that.  Naserath said that he was worried because he wasn’t really good with people and he was often too blunt.  Damien said that he should just be honest because that was the best thing to be.
After that Naserath asked Damien if he could help him with the high priest’s quarters.  Damien agreed and, with his statuette vessel, walked him there.  Damien told Naserath how to open the chambers and it was by casting  Channel Divinity Turn Undead.  Once inside the quarters he asked about the portal in the corner of the room.  Damien explained that it was a switch that cycled a few spells in a specific pattern.  There were five planer transports and they lead to the City of Brass, which was a city in the fire plane that excelled in metal-based creations; the Holy Library of Azuth; the Citadel of Crater, where Snider, the God of destruction resided along with the Society of the Wreckers – a society of wizards who focus on explosive and destructive magic-; Union, which was a bustling metropolis, a grand marketplace, and was the center for interplanery travel; and the Tealeaf Monastery, the home of Eldon Tealeaf, God of Monks.  The other spells were Feeble Mind, which was the default, a limited teleportation circle, which could only take five people instead of eight, and an inverted and extroverted magical circle, which was akin to a trap or a shield depending on the way you set it up.
When Damien was done explaining that to Naserath and they decided to part, Naserath went back to the golem to see why he was previously distracted.  When Naserath mentioned this to the golem and the golem gave him a location on the map that he should go visit.  Following the directions Naserath found a room and a miniature golem working on a teleportation circle.  The miniature golem told Naserath he had been working on it for a while and it would be completed in Midsummer, but he was going to need more supplies.
Naserath, after seeing the golem work, he decided to go to the main room and come out to the congregation.  At first he went to Joseph to talk about the new followers and if there were any leaders among the few.  Joseph gave Naserath a list and when he noticed the group and asked how Pick was doing.  Naserath was unsure of it himself and so he sent her a dog-eared script paper, her reply “we chased down the Oath Breaker, I have a court thing, I’m on Barkus on my way back to Rizola’s, I’m okay.”  Naserath shook his head and didn’t know what Pick had done to get this “court thing” but he knew it was just Pick.  After he went up to the group and started to sing a hymn to Mystra.  While he was singing a woman joined him.  After an applause, Naserath started to talk to the people.
In the duration of the speech, Mystra’s holy symbol appeared over Naserath’s shoulder and announced her presence as well as spoke telepathically to Naserath, telling him the golem’s name, Kythorne, and chose three people to lead the congregation, Flaw Xay was a librarian, one was Blair Curth Rowan, who was to focus on maintenance, temple upkeep, and physical defenses, and the last, Pisyis, would be the right hand of Naserath.  Mystra created a lot of books so that all of her disciples could have a prayer book.
Following that speech Naserath talks to Flaw and Blair and then Naserath heads to Joseph’s bar, the Freezing Pint, to talk to Joseph and the Star Elf.  Before Naserath made it into the bar, the Star Elf stopped him and talked to him.  Naserath asked him why he looked different and the Star Elf’s reply was because your eyes got sharper.  They talked about that and it appeared that somehow Naserath had gotten the gift of True Sight.  Naserath was unsure where he had gotten the gift and the other said that it looked like the work of an Arch Fae, and Naserath knew it was Atticus.
When the two men were done discussing the Star Elf used Disguise Self and Naserath was able to see both forms stacked upon each other.  Walking up to the bar, Naserath sat down and looked around the room.  He saw a Mulandi man disguised as an Illuskan and a child, who was otherwise invisible, with golden eyes like Zaraldon.  Then in a corner Naserath sees a familiar Kobold sitting and having a drink. 
Walking over to Zraald, Naserath asks what they are doing there, noticing that there were two other chairs pulled out with drinks.  Zraald told him to pull up a chair and told him there were there because of a job.  Zraald then proceeded to ask where Pick was and Naserath showed her the letter Pick had sent and the Kobold wondered if it was something that he needed to attend to and he thought that Pick might be able to handle herself.  Naserath asked what their job was and she told them that they were on bodyguard duty and they pointed over to the Mulandi man, who, at the time, Joseph was walking to with his spear.  The Cruixie Crew members started to get shifty and Naserath walked over to Joseph and told him that he was being protected by the Cruixie Crew and Joseph understood and withdrew knowing that would not be the best idea to mess with them.
Joseph and Naserath went back to the bar and Naserath ordered Dragon’s Milk and Naserath got drunk.  Using a teleportation spell, Naserath went to Deus Ex Machina because he was going to wait for Pick.  He showed his pass to the teleportation guard and headed to the Dragon’s Wing.  At the Dragon’s Wing, Naserath sits down at the bar and, trying to avoid Rizola’s gaze, ends up looking at her boobs, to which she says nothing, rather flirts with him in his stupor.  Naserath is given a cold cup of water to help sober him up.  After a bit more talking, Naserath decides to go to bed and before he gets to the hallway, Rizola taps him on his butt, and he does the same with his tail.
That night Naserath has a nightmare concerning his dilemma between his late wife and Rizola.  Distressed he walked out to Rizola who was at the bar, and asked for some breakfast.  The two talked for a bit then Naserath told Rizola that he was going to go to Zaraldon to borrow a book.  Upon entering the Dragon’s Fang Naserath notices a quarrel between a Gnome and Zaraldon.  The Gnome just so happened to be Pick’s brother who was looking for her.  Breaking into the middle of the two, Naserath told Uriser that he was Pick’s friend and that he was waiting for her to come meet up with him in Deus Ex Machina and showed him the note that she had sent him. 
Naserath asks Zaraldon if he can borrow a book and Zaraldon allows him, because it is not one of his special books, and Naserath runs and gets it.  Before he leaves he looks at the Book of True Balance and sees that there is an enchantment on it and that he would later get that for Nyla.  Running back to the bar, Naserath leads Uriser to the door but, unlike his expectation, the crew members stayed behind.  Uriser told him that they were going to fix the ship, and if need to, prepare to break Pick out of jail.  Uriser and Naserath go to the Dragon’s Wing and they walk out into the bar and see Rizola, whom flirts with Naserath.
In the small talk between Uriser, Rizola, and Naserath, Naserath tells Uriser not to look into Rizola’s eyes.  Asking why not, and then looking, he figured out.  Shaking his head he broke the gaze and agreed not to do that again.  They had a while to wait until Pick got there so Uriser and Naserath decided to go on a tour of the city.  Naserath casted a spell in which the two were able to speak telepathically to one another.  The two got on the topic of Pick and Naserath said that she had been through a lot and when Uriser asked what, Naserath told him that it was something Pick had to tell him.  Grabbing a pressure point, Uriser looked the Dragon Born in the eyes and told him that if she didn’t say anything, that he would not allow any secrets to be kept from him about her in a very threatening way.  After calming the Gnome down, the two went on with the tour and made it back to the Dragon’s Wing.
Rizola flirted a little more with Naserath and Pick had not gotten there yet so Naserath asked Uriser if he wanted to lodge with him for the night and he declined, stating that he would get his own room.  Naserath decided that he wouldn’t sleep that night because he didn’t want to have a nightmare and Rizola, after closing, took his hand and dragged him to her room and the two fell asleep together, both having pleasant dreams.

Pick had been on her way to the Dragon’s Wing to see Rizola and hopefully Naserath.  Along the way, on the perimeter of Deus Ex Machina, she was attacked by bandits, who, now dead, chose their prey poorly.  Pick went to the city guards and reported the bandits and received one platinum for her duty then made her way to Rizola.

In runs Pick who goes up to Naserath and tells him about her adventures with the Oath Breaker and in a trial almost had to tell her father that she had been tortured.  To her right, her brother was standing, and glared and growled a get out to the patrons, whom immediately left.  Uriser tried to glare Rizola out of the bar, but she stood her ground and then a bird flew on her shoulder, and Uriser let her be.
Uriser wanted an explanation and one fast, and Pick at first tried to leave but then Naserath asked her if that was something she really wanted to run from, and she stopped.  Telling her brother about Iliana and what she had done, Pick watched him grow angrier.  She told him that she wanted to go back home but she couldn’t until she got the gem from the Zukar of enchantment, lest she bring dishonor to their name.  Uriser commented on the family, and Atticus, the bird, flew onto Pick’s shoulder and, using magic, made her ask “what do you mean about the family.”  Her brother broke down, he was only a few years old than she.  Apparently their mom had disowned him and she ran to him and hugged him.
Rizola came over to him and this time looked him in the eyes on purpose and when Pick went to look into her eyes as well Atticus flew in the way telling her that was a bad idea.  Getting script paper from Naserath, Pick wrote a letter to her mother, scolding her in a way, saying that they were family and no matter what we had to be there for each other.  When she was done writing, she handed the pad back to Naserath, which was littered with tears, and he tore the sheet off and sent it to her.
When all of the commotion died down, Pick told her brother that Nyla wanted to meet him, and so she dragged him to the door and, after Naserath opened the door, she was able to go through.  Immediately going into the library, she took Uriser to Nyla.  Pick introduce her brother and then she asked about the Book of True Balance, and she said she didn’t get that, but rather a book on philosophies that Naserath had put back.  Pick told her that she would be right back and that she would get the correct book this time.
In the process of trying to grab all of the books on the shelf, Pick was burned by a bookworm who told her that she couldn’t have but one book.  Her argument was that she was going to bring one to Nyla and her brother as well.  It told her that her brother could get his own book if he wanted but she could take one to Nyla because she couldn’t go that far.  Taking two, Pick brought the books to Nyla.  Nyla told her that she had read one of them, which she passed onto Uriser, and the next she hadn’t.
The other two were reading books, so she found an interactive book that let her experience the story and went into it as her form of reading that is, until she was jolted by Naserath

Once more with the flirting the two talked about if Rizola had some free time that they could hang out, and Naserath asked if she could close the bar and she said she could, on more notice, so why not tomorrow.  Naserath agreed saying that they could do something then. 
Then Naserath got a message in his head from Icarus, the golem in the Sigil of the Arts.  Apparently a door had appeared in the temple and it had an aura of dark magic.  Naserath told Rizola that there was something that he had to do, and she asked, disappointed, if they were still going to hang out tomorrow, and Naserath said the plans were still on.  Rizola said that she would send help and with a nod, he ran and grabbed Pick.
Pick apologized to her brother and told him that she would back soon and Uriser told them that they would be in port for a few days because they needed to do basic repairs to the ships, which led to Pick asking if she could ride on his ship one time, and he said yes.
Pick, Naserath, and Barkus had to be there as quickly as possible and Pick remembered that Sir Kainen was still there waiting to send them to Vasselheim, but Pick knew that he could also send them an hour away from the Sigil of the Arts, near Timberbreach.  Remembering the way, Pick led the way to the awakened tree, and Sir Kainen was in squirrel form.  He came down from the branches and asked where they needed to go and Naserath told him.
Opening the doors of the tree, he told them to go quickly and the trio ran through.  It took them about an hour to get to the Sigil of the Arts but when they got there the three ran inside to see what Icarus was talking about.  When they got to the study there was a closed door that had Dark Speech surrounding it.  Pick recognized the door but didn’t know why and when Naserath looked at it, he found that the door was there year round but you had to have a knowledge that it was there and use the right thing to open it.  The thing that triggered it opening was the fact that it was a new moon.  The party had to wait until the zenith of the moon for the door to open.
After that knowledge, Icarus said that there was someone outside of the temple who wanted to get in and the group went over to see who it was.  Standing in human form was Atticus, and he was the help that Rizola had sent.  Because the grounds were hollowed he would need permission to enter.  When Icarus asked who it was he almost gave Atticus’ true name but Atticus magically silenced his name.  With permission Atticus came inside and the three males watched Pick run back to the room and followed quickly behind.  Pick tried to bang on it, knock on it, and overall open it but when she found out that she could not physically open the door she sat in front of it and stared.
Atticus prepared spells, laying out materials in the room and Naserath asked Icarus to cast Mind Blank on Pick since he could only cast it on himself at the time.  Icarus told Naserath to hold Pick and after a grapple check, Icarus burned Mind Blank onto Pick’s forehead.  Immediately Pick went back to sitting in front of the door.
Naserath said that there might be nothing waiting in there for them or if there was, it would be something dark.  Pick replied with “He’s in there.”  And when they asked her who she was silent.  Atticus threatened her that his gaze could look and find out, but unlike Rizola, he could not shield the memories from her.  It took Pick a second but then she told the group that Farryn was in there and she said it was all her fault.  They asked her what was her fault and she said that because of her he was tortured.
The door started to open and Pick  ran to the door, Barkus missed stopping her and then ivy grew before the door so she couldn’t go in.  Once more Naserath told her that what she might see was evil and asked her if she was prepared for that and she shook her head yes.
Pick, Naserath, and Barkus walked in, Naserath was attacked by words of Dark Speech so he walked back out and casted Mind Blank on himself and walked back in.  Pick had found a dead body and she knew exactly who it was, Farryn.  The boy, before his death, was the same age as Pick and was tasked by Iliana to take care of her.  If he tried go against what Iliana said, Iliana threatened to send his younger sister to the Dread Emperor.
Unable to notice because Pick was crying, Naserath and Barkus saw a blue entity flicker then crawl up Pick’s arm.  Pick, then, had become possessed by a ghost.  Naserath casted Telepathy on Pick so he could hear her, and Pick began to speak, it was Farryn.  He was in the process of remembering who he was and when Naserath said that he was possessing Pick, he became happy, saying that she had come back.
Somehow the Agony machine was referenced and Pick started to scream and cry louder, and Farryn thought that Naserath had hurt her so he made Pick throw her dagger at him, which missed because of the spell Shield.  Barkus started to grow and growl inching his way towards Pick but Naserath told him that he didn’t want to hurt Pick and that was still her.  Telepathically Naserath calmed Pick down and Pick started to talk to Farryn, calming him down.  Letting Pick regain control of her body, Farryn’s ghost form floated between them and his body. 
The idea to let him rest was in place, and Pick offered to give his sister one of the things he had made in his captivity for her and Naserath offered to destroy the machine.  Naserath left the room and prayed to Mystra, asking for help.  Mystra gave him a blessing and Naserath destroyed the table and machine, that still didn’t put the boy to rest.  Then the idea to revive him somewhere came next.  Pick ran out of the room and asked Atticus if he could revive Farryn and he said that he knew people, and when she prayed to Mystra she said that she could try and send someone that way but it might be a while.  Pick ran in the room again and she told her friend that they would do their best to help him and he disappeared into thin air saying he would give it a try.
Naserath picked the boy up and took him into the main room and Atticus looked at him.  He said that he was a meddling Fae and after a few second they were enveloped in light and they appeared before a temple of Sarenrae in Vasselheim.  Atticus had gotten permission to use magic in a magic-prohibited city.
The group walked in and Pike was there.  Pick ran up and begged her cousin to help revive her friend, which she agreed to.  Pike told Naserath to put the boy on the altar and she started to use her magic of Sarenrae and Atticus, Naserath, and Pick aided.
Farryn had been revived and Naserath gave him a ration that he scarfed down, then threw up.  Pick hugged him and they talked about how they were free now and he could find his sister.  Before walking in the temple, Naserath had saw the Platinum Sanctuary, and knew that his father would be there from previous knowledge and told Pick that he had something to do and left Pick at the temple.
Atticus left, so it was Barkus, Pick, and Pike.  Pike put the boy to sleep using a spell, and told Pick to grab a broom and they could talk.  Pick found out the reason why her father had been nervous before was because a lot of children had gone missing from all over.



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