Revival of Mystra and other Plots.

The Battle Between Royals

To the Pit and Back


Work in progress, DM please check for accuracy.

Pick facilitated moving the people who were previously at the docks of Waterdeep back to the city with Corporal Carrot and her brother Uriser.  When that was done Pick asked if she should get rewarded for doing that as well.  Corporal Carrot told her that she had withheld information on the case as well as lied to him.  Pick made an excuse but Corporal Carrot told her that he needed to go but Pick said that there was something that she wanted to tell him under guards and wards.  Carrot told her to meet her at the guard station and they would discuss that there.  Pick watched him walk away but just as he disappeared he dropped a small bag and Pick went and grabbed it.

On the way to the guard station, Bran messaged Pick via telepathic link and asked her where she was at.  She told him of her destination and he asked what did she do.  Pick made it to the guard station and went in, which unnerved her that she had gone so many times – a thief doesn't belong there.  She went straight back to Corporal Carrot's office, without signing in.  She told him that she though the Xanthar was after Mulock for some reason and Corporal Carrot said that they were investigating that and asked her if she had any proof and she told them she had seen the mark of the guild on the man who attacked Mulock.  Then he asked her if she would be willing to testify and Pick said "uuuuuuuuh -" and Carrot told her that people who did know it was the Xanthar were not willing to testify so they didn't have a case.

Pick left the guard station and as she was walking back to Zaraldon's bar she Bran reached her and said something to her that made her hit him.  He yelled "Thief" and threw some coins at her and then ran to the guard station.  Pick glared at him, Pick up the coins, and then decided to go to the docks to talk with her brother.

Inside the guard station Bran reported that a short, "cunty", deep gnome tried to rob him and he yelled for help.  They asked him questions and they found out that she had not in fact tried to steal from him but rather assaulted him.  Then they made a warrant out for Pick Trickfoot.


Pick went to the Broken Tankard and went and sat with her brother.  Pick's first question was when was he going to be leaving and she was told that it would be within the next day or two.  Then she stated again that she would really like to ride on his ship, then she asked what his ship's name was and he told her that it changed from time to time, depending on what she wanted.  Pick got excited and asked if the ship was awakened and her brother told her it was.  Then they got onto the subject of what Bran did and Uriser got a look in his eyes.  Pick spent the rest of the night drinking with her brother and his crew.


After that fiasco Bran went to Kalbin Blackstaff's home and tried to see how long of a wait until his proposal would be seen and he ended up falling asleep there.  The next morning Bran woke to Uriser  in front of him and threatened him and his life.  Bran went back to Zaraldon's bar and went back to reading books on true names.


When Pick woke up, Bran told her insults about her brother and she was fuming.  She made a beeline straight to the library.  She screamed out and asked where he was but she didn't hear a reply and the bookworms told her that he was in the section T.  Pick sped there and saw Bran sitting comfortably on a chair with a book.  She ran up and punched him in the face.  They got into it and then Bran said this was not the proper place to do this and the bookworms agreed and they sent them to the Pit and they were in a ring together.  The people who were in the ring left in and they watched a young adult and a child fight.  Pick was relentless, she wasn't going to stop unless she had been forced to.

Bran transformed into an Earth elemental and continued the fight and some booed.  It wasn't long after that his form was dispelled by Galza which forfeited Pick from winning.  She asked what had happened and Pick told her that he had insulted Uriser, and Galza asked if this was true.  Bran said that he said some thing but they were completely justifiable.  Galza then said she would have next round, if that was okay with Earthbreaker.   



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