Galza Trickfoot

Pick's Mother


For a gnome, Galza is really stern and serious. She isn’t one to pick a fight but if someone crosses a line, and they will know by her directness, she will tare them to pieces. Even though Galza gets mad at her husband, she still loves him dearly and is willing to compromise with his flaws. When it comes to the family, Galza is known for giving out the punishments and trying to make her children look at the harsh reality but she also tries her best to teach them what she knows and what they are interested in so in the least they will be happy. There are two general places that Galza can be found in, home or family housing and temples, especially ones dedicated to the Gods of thievery and trickery.

Galza is not only a renowned in the Trickster family, but in the Clergy as well. Even though many Clergies didn’t approve of her roguish ways, few turned down reconnaissance from a highly trained thief. Being around temples so much she started picking up divine magic, and unlike her family who was mostly arcane tricksters, she was a divine trickster. She gained the title of Light in the Shadows from the church of Garl Glittergold. Galza is lawful neutral.


When Galza found out she birthed a baby girl she got super excited. All her sons were rough and rowdy boys and all of Loagos kin was boys and she was the only child. Galza dreamed of having a girly girl who avoided fights, but that dream didn’t come to light when a messenger from the Trickfoot council informed Loago and her that Pick was a possible heir a chair. Loago was in charge of teaching her combat and even though she did warn him about going to far she let him do what he thought was best for his daughter. To try and help out, Galza taught Pick the political side of things, such as applicable behavior, what to say, what to look out for, and so much more. One day Loago pushed Pick a little too far and if Galza had not been there to heal Pick, she probably would have died. Galza was going to tare Loago a new one but when she looked at him, she knew that what he was telling himself was a lot worse. That night Galza and Loago sat down and had a long discussion about what they saw in their child and where they wanted her to go, and it came down to them just wanting Pick to be happy. Galza started making play dates for Pick and getting her more socially inclined, which was very difficult at first and she too felt guilty. The parents also had to reconnect with their sons and give another support system for Pick.

Galza would take Pick to temple with her whenever she went. There were many things she wanted her daughter to pick up on and the main one was that there were a lot of different atmospheres and she would be in if she did gain the chair that she was in the running for.

One night Galza overheard Pick talking to someone or something, she still doesn’t know who or what, but Pick was describing her life. All that she mentioned was she wanted to do something to make her family proud in an almost robotic way. That day one, Galza tried to show that doing things to make oneself happy could also make her family happy but it wasn’t very effective.

Whenever Pick was sick, Galza would sing hymns to her as she fed her appropriate herbal remedies. Pick, before her mom caught her, always pretended she was fine, but the sicker she was the more she needed her mother.

Galza often found herself discouraging, or trying to advert Pick from doing something or trying to make Pick do things for herself. and so Pick gravitated more to her father for casual time but when she had a confession Pick always went to her mother.

At a family function, all the men were making small talk about the Zukar and the treasures they held when Pick said that she would steal from them and her heart skipped a beat. She knew her daughter would try it at some point so she felt that if she discouraged her enough she might not do it or do it later when she was more prepared for things like that.

Galza Trickfoot

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