Loago "Red" Trickfoot

Pick's Father


Loago is as mischievous as they come. He doesn’t take things seriously at all, and, if at any point things do become serious, something has gone horribly wrong and someone will be seriously injured or killed by the end of the night. Loago has the opposite personality of his wife, Galza Trickfoot, but together, when they overcome their differences and disputes work as an effective team for their family. Loago is known for being involved in the red light districts around the globe. Galza doesn’t approve and usually punishes him in some way, but he still participates in the lifestyle though would never sleep with anyone besides his wife. Loago is who all the children go to, to try and get out of things and when they want advice but aren’t given life lessons in the process.

Loago is known as “Red” for two reasons, the most obvious being the red light districts he travels to and because when he does fight, all you can see is blood. Relatively speaking, Loago is Lawful Neutral. He is willing to protect those who are in the right as he follows the codes of conduct of the Trickfoot house. It was rumored that Loago went to a monastery and trained for a while to consider if he wanted redemption or not, but he ultimately decided that living by the Trickfoot code wasn’t a bad thing and found that doing small trick lightened some people’s day as well as some things needed to be addressed directly and not through courts or promised justice.


Loago didn’t expect that his only daughter was going to be chosen to be in the running for the council of the Trickfoot family. He wanted her to succeed, not for him, but because if she made it to that seat she would be able to have so much power, stability (or so he thought), money, that life would be laid out on a silver platter for her. For her first three years he trained her rigorously and because family was emphasized by her parents and brothers, she did what she could to make him happy. It wasn’t until she hurt herself badly trying to impress him that he reflected on what he had instilled in his child. Before her fourth birthday she had never played outside like a child would or had time for children who were just friends. It took her a little while but she adapted to playing outside but after getting a taste to make her family proud she continued to try to do things that would get them noticed by other members of the Trickfoot family. Loago, to this day, feels guilty about how he raised his child and that he thought rank would make her happy and if he could, he would give her a normal childhood.

After Pick’s injury Loago became incredibly protective of his daughter and if someone made a snide comment about her he would give them a look that made them run in fear. Pick never did notice what her father did for her and never has or will blame him for what he has done.

Sometimes, when Galza was unaware Loago would take Pick to bars, not the red light district, where she met a lot of his merry friends and watched predominately men get hammered while telling wild stories. He would tell Pick to keep it from his mother, but after a few slip ups her mom told them to just be safe.

Pick, after her father introduced it to her, loved a specific cake from a place called Hearts and Flours and whenever she was down or hurt he would always bring her that cake to cheer her up.

At a family function Loago and his brothers were chattering about the Riches Thay held and that there were rumors of strange gems held by the Zukars. One of his brothers said that it would guarantee anyone a spot on the council if they were able to steal from someone who was as highly ranked as a Zukar and Pick immediately picked up on that. She declared that she would steal from one and that she would get the seat to make that particular sect of the Trickfoot family famous. Everyone, except her mother, laughed at her and said that she had high ambitions, Loago didn’t think she’d actually attempt it.

Loago "Red" Trickfoot

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