Revival of Mystra and other Plots.

The Marketplace Endeavor
Pick's Personal Quest
The session starts off with Pick having breakfast at the Dragon’s Fang and talking to Zaraldon.  Naserath is busy reading in the bar’s library and Pick has an itching to get out, she has a list of items that she wants to buy and a source said that there were some of her brother’s contacts around she just had to find them.  When Zaraldon asked her what she was doing, Pick said what her plans were and that it felt a little odd because she had only been out twice without Naserath but she knew he was busy.  He told her to be careful and that some things were expensive and when Pick tried to say would try to charm people, he handed her a book about human trafficking and warned her of the dangers of that.  Pick got a little quiet, as she had been made a puppet before as well as spending four years in a cell, and she nodded.  Jumping off the barstool, Pick made a beeline out the door and into the streets.  Her goal was to purchase basic necessities for an adventurer and a rogue as well as trying to figure out where her brother was at.
Pick spent most of the morning looking for items and she had found a store that sold one item in particular, the item being a Sun Rod.  Each Sun Rod was worth 75 gold and that was something that Pick didn’t want to pay so she tried to deceive him into thinking that she didn’t have much money, when that didn’t work she told him that she was there on behalf of Zaraldon and he was skeptical and told her that he didn’t want to call the guards but that next time, if she was here on behalf of Zaraldon, that she should bring a note, then he sold her 4 Sun Rods for 250 gold. 
Pick then went to other places to get more items and she made it to one store called Grazzleneck’s Gizmos and met another Gnome by the name of Lamac Castplate.  There were mechanical creations all over the store, the ones Pick mainly saw were animals, and she saw a bird that made her think of Rizola.  Pick saved a mechanical mouse from a mechanical cat and carried it around the store with her.  Lamac told her that he didn’t normally sell these items because you had to rewind them every couple of days or they wouldn’t work properly so Pick, being naturally curious, asked how you rewinded them so Lamac took her into the back room and was going to show her.  Pick pulled herself up on a barstool but noticed that Lamac was riding on an automated thing that went up and she said she wanted to try that and he let her, it was an escalator that went up and down with the control of a button.  She played on it for a few minutes, completely invested, and then she heard a cracking sound and saw that the mechanical mouse had gotten out of her hands and the cat had gotten to it. 
Lamac picked up the mouse and brought it to his table, undid some of the shell of the creature, and fixed the gears.  Pick watched the man, and then he showed her how to do it herself and let her tinker with his creations.  Somewhere in the process she noticed that Lamac had a badge of the Cruxie Crew and she immediately remembered that she had not given Zraald back her Silver Dagger and asked if he could get it back to her because that had meant a lot to Zraald.  Lamac was previously a Cruxie Crew Officer.  Pick gained some skills in Tinkering Artisan’s Tools and gained a Tinkering Instruction Manuel and a set of Apprentice Tinkering Tools. 
Before she was about to leave Pick asked if Lamac had any advice to give her about the docks and he said that she should go tomorrow.  When she stepped outside it was night time and she really hadn’t paid much attention to where she was going.  As she tried to recall her way back she felt a tap on her shoulder and when she turned around a man in black asked her if she knew where she was going and she lied and said she was fine, so when he said “I guess you don’t need my help then,” she got a little nervous and stopped him and she saw that he was wearing a pin that had the markings of a Harper on it, and asked for help this time.  He told her to follow him and then he disappeared.  She walked in the direction he was heading and every so often she would feel a tug in a different direction and she followed.
When she made it back to the Dragon’s Fang, Pick stared at the door for a second before opening it and seeing Zaraldon.  Immediately she closed the door and was deciding what she wanted to do but before she knew it there was someone pulling on her ear and dragging her into the bar, she tried to resist but it didn’t go well for her.  Apparently the guy who had been tracking her was known by Zaraldon because the man reappeared in the bar and took her over to a bench and whooped her, scolding her for being out so late, going out alone, trying to resist going back to where she stayed, and for not paying attention to her surroundings.
Pride hurt and upset, Pick glared at both men in the room and called for Barkus who had been near Zaraldon but was not able to move because of a spell.  She glared directly at Zaraldon and told Barkus to follow her and they went back to their room.  Inside her room she threw a tantrum and hit her bed then jumped on it and screamed into her pillow.  She said some choice words about the man and then the man was there and warned her to be more careful.  When he left Pick threw the pillow at where he was standing and Barkus retrieved it and jumped on the bed with her and they fell asleep.
Pick had not eaten dinner the night before and made it a point to walk out of the Dragon’s Fang, nose in air, not paying any attention to Zaraldon, this time leaving with Barkus.  The first place she went to was a shabby bar and ordered a lot of fries for herself and a large, high quality steak for Barkus.  Another child noticed that she had a hard time sitting and tried to have a moment with her but she denied being hurt.  He asked if she wanted company and Pick let him sit with her and a waitress, who clearly had a hard life, took their order.
Pick asked the boy his name and said he was Loki, and from his clothing she could tell he was a merchant’s son and asked where of.  The boy forgot the name of his father’s shop, saying he should remember because he would be inheriting it one day, and that his father was a carpenter.  Loki’s father’s name was Lucas.  Pick asked Loki if he wanted to inherit the shop and he said it was a safe way of living, then Pick commented that safe was not always the best way to live, but he said that if he died he would not be able to see Maya again, and when asked who that was he blushed a little.  Pick offered to talk to Maya for him, sensing that Maya was his crush.  Loki told her if they were to meet up again he might take her up on that offer.
Going back out towards the docks, Pick and Barkus looked for a place that thieves and pirates could be found, and in the process Barkus, being the war dog he was, frightened a lot of potential looters away.  Out of the corner of her eye Pick noticed the man from last night and glared at him and said a curse word in Gnomish, and he threw a rock at her and hit her, once more glaring at him, she started to walk off and he threw a rock in front of her.  Now at a brisk pace she tried to get out of his sight and when she felt like she was away from him, she looked in the available directions and was about to go one way and Barkus warned her that evil was that way and that he could smell sulfur so they decided to go the other way and Barkus, starting to track, took her towards a bar. 
Inside the bar she noticed a lot of organized chaos and saw that a few people were interested in her coming in.  After looking around for a second, Pick pulled herself onto a barstool and looked at the bartender.  She told him that she had a history report that she needed to fill out and that she needed to know information on a Captain Uriser.  The bartender caught her in her lie and so she confessed about her looking for her brother.  After saying that he would not help her with finding him and Barkus saying that the people there were not friends, she started to walk out when she heard say, “so I guess you weren’t that serious when you said you were looking for him.” 
Pick threw a rock at him, which he deflected, and Pick rode on the back of Barkus a little ways out and cried a little bit on his back before noticing another figure standing on the rooftops.  This figure was smaller but she thought it was the a Harper so she started to leave when she heard “I can help you find him.”  When she looked back at the rooftops he was gone but then he was ten feet in front of her. 
After looking him over, the man was an older Kobold who also had previously ranked in the Cruxie Crew as a Standard Bearer but he had left the ranks because he had gotten too old and he could potentially endanger the lives of the other men who he worked with.  The two talked and he led Pick back to the bar they were at and even though she grumbled a bit she went in with her.  At first Pick was sitting on a barstool but Barkus wanted to join her so she sat on the floor.  Some people started to laugh in the background but when the Kobold joined her they stopped.  The Kobold asked for extra hot curry and the bartender agreed confused but didn’t ask any questions.
The Kobold asked Pick if she wanted some and she had never had curry before but it was super hot and she start to fan her mouth when she was given a sweet yogurt in which she gladly started to eat.  After finishing the plate, the Kobold asked for it three times as spicy and though Pick was as confused as the bartender, she kept eating her yogurt.  Pick let Barkus lick her spoon and continued eating then walked in a 7 foot 8 grey Goliath, a race known in mountain areas.  The bartender then knew why the Kobold wanted the curry like that and when the Goliath asked for it, the bartender brought the whole pot out for him and the Goliath took a shovel the size of Pick and used that to eat the food.  Then, randomly, he fell asleep.  Pick was utterly confused.  The Kobold told Pick that the Goliath had Narcolepsy and would randomly fall asleep.
Pickpockets were starting to walk towards him and so Pick jumped down to defend him.  The Kobold told her to pull the string on his jacket and, confused once more, she did.  A symbol lit up on his back, it was of an anchor in some runes that Pick could not read and she noticed that everyone who was moving close to him was quickly vacating the premise.  Tapping lighting Pick woke up the Goliath and he raised his head and said hey after taking a double look, saying that she looked like someone he knew, introduced himself as Ace, paid his tab, which was a large handful of platinum, asked for ale, then fell back asleep. 
Pick asked him questions about the sign on the man’s back, having a feeling that it might be related to the information about her brother.  When the Kobold said it was the sign of the Deep Anchor she was shocked, then ran over and tried to shake the man awake because she wanted answers.  Pick nimbly dodged his hand and flames, and Ace turned his head telling her that you shouldn’t startle pirates.  Immediately she asked about Uriser and Ace said that he was the boss.
Once again Pick cried a bit on her knees, she was going to be seeing family that she hadn’t seen in 4 and a half years.  The Kobold and Goliath made sure that no one approached her while she was crying and the Goliath took her to a private room and waited for her to calm down.  When she did she wiped her eyes and then called Barkus over to her.
The Harper had appeared and Ace was had grabbed him, destroying the door, and asked Pick if he was a friend or foe.  Pick wasn’t sure of what to say but she had only seconds to react so she said friend but she made no eye contact with him.  When the Goliath calmed down and found out that the man was working for Zaraldon he told the man he should have said so.  Pick then asked Ace to take her to her brother and he declined.  Pick moved her hands in Drow Sign trying express how she felt but then Ace told her that Uriser was about 3 days away by water.  Pick asked Barkus how good he was with water and Ace rolled his eyes.
Ace told Pick to leave contact information with him and that he would make sure that his captain would get in touch with her so she did.  It was afternoon still and there was so much more she could do and she wanted to buy some more stuff, and she tried to get away from the Harper but he gave her a warning and intimidated her so she waited for him to walk with her.  They went to various shops and in the same one that she had bought Sun Rods from, they had an ornate Spy Glass.  Pick looked at it and sincerely considered getting it.  When the owner said it was 1,000 gold Pick shook her head and looked at the Harper to see if she could have clearance to steal it.  Then the Harper said that there were cheaper ones at the temple of Gon.  The store owner looked at him and the Harper told him that if he didn’t lower the price that they were leaving, and when the shop keeper didn’t comply the Harper started to walk out and Pick looked between the two and just as she was about to follow the Harper the shopkeeper called them back in.  The two started to barter and eventually the Harper paid for the Spy Glass and gave it to her and Pick was excited.
After buying all the stuff she had been looking for Pick asked what they could do and the Harper told Pick that she could apologize to Zaraldon for this morning.  Pick knew she was guilty as charged and was going to put off talking to Zaraldon for as long as she could.  The Harper asked for Pick’s full name because he needed it for a letter and she asked him for his name.  The Harper introduced himself as Stross Van Selune and Pick gave her full name.  At that moment in time Pick remembered that she had bought a gift for Rizola and she wanted to give it to her, but before she did that she would have to apologize to Zaraldon.
Pick dragged her feet all the way to the Dragon’s Fang, and stared at the door before going to it, and when she opened it Zaraldon waved at her and she shut the door.  Breathing in and out, Pick opened the door and pulled herself up to the barstool.  She apologized for this morning and Zaraldon asked if she was going to do it again and Pick told him she wasn’t sure.  He told her to save her apology for when she was but the air cleared up around the two.  Then he offered her dinner and she said that she couldn’t, she had to go see Rizola.
When she was in the Dragon’s Wing she ran to Rizola and handed her the Mechanical Bird saying that she found something that looked like her.  Pick told her that in order to keep it running that she would have to rewind it every so often and Pick proceeded to show her how.  When they were all said and done with that, Pick asked Rizola if there was anything that an adventurer should have and she answered with a map, which Pick did not have.
With the advice to go to the Cartography Guild, Pick went there and asked for a semi-detailed map of Faerun.  She also asked what happens if they found a place that was not on the map and was told that if she did that they would be awarded one trade bar.  Pick signed a contract saying that she would give places to the Guild when she found places, and that they were in no shape responsible for any danger that came to her, and ran and told Rizola that she had signed a binding contract, to which Rizola looked nervous until it was explained that it was from the Cartography Guild.  After that Rizola fed Pick dinner and she went to go bother Naserath.
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Restoration of Mystrath

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The Corrupted Temple
Attack of the Cleric of Wee-Jus


Work in progress, DM please check for accuracy.

In the previous session, the party was coming from Tenby, who was suffering from a curse of infertility.  The party that consisted of Naserath, Joseph, and Gila had found themselves at a corrupted temple after being led there by a child figure.  They had just finished a battle with zombies and Naserath, being a Necromancer, made two zombies follow and serve him as they tried to find their way through the temple.  The next room they went into they did not see any signs of a foe, but before continuing on Naserath casted Detect Magic, which uncovered magical traps that guided the group around.  Being cautious, Naserath told the zombies to take the lead and one of them fell into a pit and took fall damage.  At the end of the room they heard something big coming for them and when the group perceived, they saw a huge zombie coming for them.  They were attacking the creature from a distance and it didn’t get close enough to do any damage.

Naserath was able to get his second zombie out of the trap and they continued on into the next room.  After an Investigation check, Naserath found a way down to the next floor but when he looked it was a slide and he detected a magical trap in the middle of it.  Joseph shot an arrow and the group was able to make it through as the trap was reloading.  When they were on the next floor they noticed no foes but a door to the right.  The party went over to it and they tried to open the door but it didn’t budge.  Joseph did a Strength check and was able to budge the door slightly but not enough for the members to get through.  Naserath asked his talking amulet about the door and it floated to the door and there were clicking sounds then the door opened a little more and the group went in, then the door proceeded to slam close.

Inside, Naserath saw a statue of a man hold a staff and kneeling to a woman floating in the air.  After a Knowledge History/Arcana check, Naserath knew that the statue depicted Mystra and her follower Elminster.  On that same statue Naserath Detected Magic coming from the staff but was unable to budge it.  That was when Gila touched a switch-like-thing in the corner of the room and disappeared.  Joseph went over to the switch and touched it but was dazed and confused, and started to walk around the room.  Naserath detected magic on it and found that it was cycling a few spells and the one that made Gila disappear was Plane Shift.  Waiting for the Plane Shift to come back into cycle, he touched the switch and was transferred to a plane that was adorned with wooden fighting dummies.  He didn’t see Gila but before he could look anymore a Halfling called out to him and told him where he could find her.  The Halfling called himself Eldon, who, through a Knowledge check, Naserath was able to identify him as Eldon Tealeaf, the God of Monks.  Eldon told Naserath as he grabbed Gila to go, that he should come back when he was seeking him and he had the time.

When Naserath and Gila got back Joseph was waiting for them and they deemed it time for them to continue exploring the temple.  Joesph slid the door with another Strength check.  When he opened the door a woman launched an arrow from the other side of the door.  The zombies, who had been left in the same room the woman was in, were no longer under Naserath’s commands, but rather the woman’s.  So the group attacked the zombies and then proceeded to the woman.  Gila Entangled the woman who continued to cast death-based spells at the party.  Just as they were getting the woman’s health low, she used Word of Recall and was no longer seen.

As the party finished that, in the other room a young Deep Gnome, who stood in rags, saw the zombies that had been guarding her go limp and with an improvised tool she picked the lock to her cage and headed out the room.  As she turned out the room she came into proximity of Naserath and she asked if he was there to attack her, and he replied with a no.  The young Gnome offered to take the Dragon-born to the Cleric for payment but he declined and as soon as she was about to leave, he asked her if she was going to get revenge on her and she said she would and joined his party.


The Revival

Work in Progress


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