Maximus Journal

Inscribed on the cover of the book is a spear made of water, the symbol of Eadro which most Triton's know as the GOD that overlooks the seas. 

Journal looks blank if passcode isn't spoken (A Triton version of Aquan), session ends if book closes,

First Chapter: Covers common races and the features and some sketches of each male and female. Human, Gnome, Halfling, Elf, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Dragonborn, Dwarf, Astral Diva, Planetar.

He attempts to draw and give rough stats on bodily appearances, strengths, weaknesses.

Second Chapter: Covers geography of the area around each of the major cities, routes and points of interest between each other. Mainly covers the area around Waterdeep still working on areas west of the Sword Coast.

The drawings are really rough since he's not a training cartographer.

Third Chapter: Important people such a rulers of towns or high society

Fourth Chapter: Elementals (Air Elemental)

Fifth Chapter: Beasts (wolves, tigers, lion)

Sixth Chapter: Different Planes (Dread Emperor, Helm) observed differences between the material plane and the others. 

Dread Emperor: Time passes faster here by 20 to 1, 


Seventh Chapter: Friend/Enemies/Acquaintances (Friends: Nazerath and Barkus, Acquaintances: Pick, Bran, Waken)

Eighth Chapter: Quests from Various people, Benefactors or personnel goals.

Dread Emperor: Destroy or severely weaken 

King Triton: establish a secondary town close to Waterdeep (he allowed me to take the sword); Need further recon of water regions to find a good location

Personnel: Learn trades to build city (Masonary, Glassworking/Glassblowing, Carpenter, Woodcarving, Scaleworking/Leatherworking, Blacksmithing)



Maximus Journal

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