To anybody stumbling on my page.

Hello, you have found my campaign page. Unfortunately I am primarily tinkering with the system and do not yet Trust the site enough to pay for the option to have marked the entire game Friends Only or you would not be able to waste your time reading this page.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you manage to find a enjoyable game  to go play and/or are finding this site useful to run your game.


To my players

If you have reached the page it is either because you suggested this site to me (Lady of Knives) or you were directed here by me or Lady of Knives (Everybody else). Either way you should have a good  idea about the nature of the game  and are probably just stopping by this page on the way to the Characters or Adventure Log Sections of the site. Although you may also be heading to the Wiki since Lady of Knives and I have started filling it out to provide an easy and fairly consistent source for notes and information that should be stored somewhere.


However this is a nice little place to reiterate some of the details and premises on which this game is based.


The game is fairly high powered and is intended to be story driven with significant Role Playing material. Their will be notable combat elements but I will be attempting to keep the focus on the stories of the setting and characters instead of fighting and number crunching. This is because the core players indicated that was their preference as part of my pre-game discussions.


Because of the complexity and time required for the stories that are driving the game. The game has to have a limited number of players. As it currently stands on October 28 2016.


Their are two fully developed and consistent characters being operated by 2 different players. They have had more time to be involved and do stuff so are the current foci of the story. Their is one character with adequate back story that has already  received story plot primarily intended for them but is not currently able to pursue it.  Their is one character recently introduced with a good back story but which does not currently have any specific plot associated with their character. Although that will hopefully be changing soon.

Those four characters are the current nuts and bolts of my game. The location for which the game is hosted means additional players have the option to drop in if so inclined. However it will have to be in supporting roles of some sort as I do not currently have any more room for additional core characters.

The game is being run in the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Rules set.

Character Backgrounds more detailed then the Player's Handbook suggestions are absolutely required but you are welcome and encouraged to use those as a baseline or source of inspiration. 

Mechanically starting equipment is at least equal to and potentially greater then that as defined for a High Magic Campaign on Page 38 of The DMG.

Basic setting is the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. Most of the printed material I own for the setting is from the 3rd edition of the System and I never did much with the 4th edition which advanced the time line. Although I am using some of the material I have heard about the transition between 3rd to 4th and potentially 5th edition as well.


Their does not appear to be a great deal of material released for 5th edition and I only have the Core system books anyway. As such their is going to be deviations from the printed materials lore and some of the mechanics will be altered or ignored. However I will try and maintain consistency within the game itself. Which is one of the reasons I am using this site.

The Calendar of Harptos as defined in the 3rd edition Forgotten Realms Campaign setting (Page 77) is the primary one for which I will be basing dates and times on in my chronological information below. 

Their is a nice chart in that source but the gist of it is that it is a 12 month calender which starts at month 1 technically called Hammer but commonly called deepwinter. Spring starts in month 3 (Ches), Summer is Month 6 (Kythorn), Autumn is Month 9(Eleint), and Winter is Month 12 (Nightal).

Most of the countries have their own system for years but they are usually compared to  Dale Reckoning (DR), which is what I will be using below.


1372 DR was called the Year of Wild Magic and was the current year of the 3rd edition printing of Forgotten Realms.

A great deal of stuff has happened in the time since then. (Now getting into some of the probable deviations from printed material)


Around 1450 DR a magical event occured, usually called the Spell Plague. One of the effects of this event was an outbreak of mutations and diseases that took a tremendous toll on the living and was even felt by some of the undead.

Around 1725 DR the plague had began gradually fading away  but experienced a sudden resurgence for causes not entirely understood.


1727 DR During the Month of Tarsakh (Month 4) Clergy of every openly practicing religion begin preparing for the GreenGrass Holiday which is the official beginning of Spring. The followers of the Goddess Mystra are the most visible of those preparing because they appear to be distracted by something. This becomes particularly notable and starts a panic when no Followers of Mystra are seen anywhere during the actual festival of GreenGrass.

1727 DR Throughout Mirtul (Month 5) Their are reports of Mystra's Followers being seen and attempting to  organize and regroup against something. However these reports begin getting more and more scarce until they have stopped happening by Uktar (Month 11).


1730 DR the Spell Plague Reaches the greatest intensity it ever been. Over the course of the year. Some places lose up to 75% of their population. Most lose about 50%. A lucky few places get by losing only 20-25%.


1731 DR After the incredible losses caused by the spell plague last year. Most of the world is stunned and begins to slip into despair. A movement sparked in the Dalelands and supported by the bulk of the churchs begins to rekindle hope at Midsummer festival by making a commitment to have the ShieldMeet in 1732 be the greatest seen since before the Spell Plague began. The High Bard of Milia becomes the organizing force for this goal.


1732 DR The Commitment given in 1731 is fulfilled. The Shieldmeet of this year is one of the greatest recorded in History. The celebrations started the week of Midsummer and continue for days after the Shieldmeet itself. One of the most memorable parts of the event is the concert that started shortly before Dawn the day of Shieldmeet and continued well into the night. 


1732 DR Following the amazing ShieldMeet people go back to their affairs with a renewed vigor and energy. Although some of the concert attendees do report trouble sleeping for days after the concert and all anybody seems to remember about the concert was that it was good and thinking a bell was an unusual addition to the other music. 

1732 DR The people of the world having been reinvigorated by the earlier events of the year go on to enjoy a fairly peaceful time through Winter. The Spell Plague does continue to rage on but it no longer has everybody depressed and broken. Their are still sober funnels for the dead but their is a spark of hope burning in the people.


1733-1735 DR The Spell Plague gradually weakens, more people begin surviving its effects, and eventually new cases of it diminish to the point were doctors are unable to be sure if an illness contracted was Spell Plague or Flu. Gradually people stop worrying about it and get on with their lives. 


1736 DR People move on with their lives. Countries resume bickering about political concerns that were set aside due to all the other events of the last decade. Scholars note that the Church of Azuth has effectively become the Publicly accepted Church for The Art. History continues on its march.

1954 DR Current Year for Game.

Some stuff has occurred in this Year which will be updated later. However the game has been placed on Hiatus.

Revival of Mystra and other Plots.

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